Import / Export Services

When you choose Central International Company, you get more than just an incomparably large and diverse product selection. You get a knowledgeable partner with unparalleled expertise in the logistics of international trade. Whether you're a vendor or a customer, CIC makes your life easier by handling the complexities of transport and solving any problems quickly and efficiently. With our team handling all the details, you can focus on running your business with peace of mind.

Central International Import Export Services

In-House Shipment Coordination

Our traffic department tracks all shipments to ensure they arrive at our clients' locations, safely and on time.

A Trilingual Staff Makes Communication Easy

Language barriers are no barrier at CIC. In addition to our English-speaking team, we have staff members who are fluent in Spanish and Chinese Mandarin for ease of communication.

Understand Your Needs Through On-site Visits

Regular visits to our clients' locations enable us to gain deeper insight into their specific product needs.

International Letters of Credit

We work closely with banks to negotiate letters of credit, helping to speed and facilitate cross-continent transactions.

Arranging Inspection

CIC interfaces directly with government agencies such as the FDA and USDA to arrange container inspections.

Securing & Preparing Necessary Documentation

From fumigation certificates to customs documents, we secure the specialty documentation you need to guarantee smooth, hassle-free global transport. We also have an in-house attorney as well as notaries public to ensure timely review and certification of important trade documents.

Private Label Product Development

Private Label Product Development

Differentiate your retail brand, improve profit margins, and boost customer loyalty with CIC's cost-effective private label services

Our knowledgeable and creative team can advise you on everything from selecting the right products for your market to designing high-impact packaging. Plus, CIC's China location and close relationships with reputable factories equip us with a strong quality control advantage.

Expand Your International Sales with Central International

Does your company produce food / agricultural items? With a wide network of contacts around the globe, Central International can introduce your products into exciting new markets that are experiencing significant growth. Contact us today to learn more about partnering opportunities at CIC.